Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Straight on view from the front. Fabricated steel pedestal with weighted feet for stability. Current design includes a 19" touchscreen monitor, 2' x 3' magnetic white communications board with magnetic attachments (dry markers, pushpins, sheet holders) Note: The transparent sign holders have magnetic strip backing to facilitate easy removal for maintenance.

Currently the calendar sheets are paper so that shop employees can easily perform updates.

The touchscreen is large enough to display all current charts and communications sheets. During the transition period we opted to simply reproduce what was being displayed on our manual LITE board. In the future these will likely become interactive and the content presentation will look vastly different from what you see here now.

Here at the back you can see we've simply mounted a ELO touchscreen monitor powered by a R51 ThinkPad. A light fabricated bracket holds the monitor securely to the pedestal. The Thinkpad tucks nicely into a sleeve type fabricated steel basket.

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